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Manage more than one account easily with a multipurpose website manager. Identify trends and patterns, and get a statistical overview of all your websites – from one single dashboard.

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See Who Visits Your Websites

Track your websites’ visitors and know how much traffic you are getting. Track where your traffic is coming from, and see how your websites’ visitors are behaving.

Get Valuable Websites Insights

Easily determine how your websites are faring and how to improve. Get detailed reports of website traffic, performance and a lot more, from a single dashboard.

Manage All Your Websites In Real Time

Get detailed reports of user activities on your websites from anywhere. Access real-time records of how users are interacting with your websites at any given time.

Monitor And Improve Your Website Performance With Ease

Need An Easy Way To Grow ALL Your Websites? Manage Multiple Google Analytics Accounts From One Place!

Analytics AI SaaS - a complete website management tool.

Get an overview of all your Google Analytics websites – side-by-side, and at a single glance! Get accurate and up-to-date information about new visitors, returning visitors, active users, active pages, and more.

Manage Multiple Sites Efficiently

Create and run multiple Google Analytics accounts with a single tool. Get detailed reports and manage every aspect of each website without difficulty. Multisite lets you manage all your accounts with the same ease you would manage a single account.

Keep An Eye On Everything, All At Once

Get an avid representation of your websites’ data presented to you in attractive charts. Filter your data by time, date and other parameters and easily monitor them from one tab. Compare your traffic reports and see how your website content is attracting visitors.

Save A Lot Of Time And Money While Achieving More

Complete tedious activities in mere minutes! Generate automatic reports of visitors’ activities, develop new and improved strategies, and make your websites achieve optimal status - without having to spend thousands of dollars hiring a Google Analytics pro!

Optimize Your Website Growth - With One Easy Tool

Multisite Makes It Easy To Manage And Grow Your Websites.
Easily Collect Visitor Insights, Retain Visitors, And Improve Your Content

Increase Website Traffic

Stay ahead of trends and discover patterns in user engagement. Notice changes in visitors’ behaviors and quickly identify and adjust accordingly. Drive traffic and retain visitors by giving them more of the content they are interested in.

Automated Management

Manage your websites when you are on the go. Get important updates delivered automatically without lifting a finger. Access the most advanced Google Analytics tool in the market.

Simplify The Management Process

Manage your websites without having any technical knowledge. Access an easy-to-use interface designed for easy day-to-day use. Complete complex tasks in no time at all, – without writing a single line of code!

Manage Multiple Sites Efficiently

Manage Your Websites More Efficiently

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Need An Easy Way To Grow ALL Your Websites? Manage Multiple Google Analytics Accounts From One Place!

Multisite gives you all the vital data you need to improve your websites. You can easily monitor your statistics and figure out which regions give you more conversions, what type of content your visitors prefer, and so much more!

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